Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Tryptics at the Church for All Nations, June 9th, 2012

My musical mind continuously ponders evolving bastions of melodic drivel. One of my favorite quandaries is an age-old debate: Muse or Radiohead?

Does anyone else like this one?

I’ve always favored the rock sensibility Muse provides, but find myself drawn to the artiness and pretty proprietary Radiohead has seized on electronica and rock meddling. This deed was signed much in the way (and time) that Google became the ONLY search engine. I think the vocals of both bands are remarkably similar, and unfathomable to match, but nobody ever thinks of Muse as one of the BEST bands in the history of the universe. All the while perception of Radiohead is well documented.

Regardless of the changes both bands make album to album, they sound very similar to me. The depth, range and richness of the vocals backed by ever-omnipresent beats make these two bands top-shelf benchmarks in production and execution. Their uniqueness stands alone, together, even if you don’t agree with me that the margin is close.

That brings me to a new band that’s recently crossed my viewfinder. The Tryptics. I’m actually not sure whether it was intentional or not, but their sound seems to have found a greased slat between the rock sensibility of Muse with the electronic fortitude of Radiohead.

Now, I know this is ridiculous. I don’t even want to write it seriously, because it’s not fair to do to any band. Nobody with that preface would give any band a fair chance. If you say LeBron is the next Jordan, anything short of five titles is a failure. And, although, comparing bands to other bands is one of my all-time favorite past-times, I still reiterate that I do so with extreme caution.

With that said, this is some serious fucking music. The Tryptics brand is very mathematical and scientific seeming. The white sectional upside-down equilateral triangle, of egalitarian implications, in a black circle, is insanely catchy. I’m reminded of when Jim Halpert went around posting “Join the Fist” poster with a simple black and white fist to upend of Dwight Schrute’s management style. If you take one down, two more show up. I love it and it certainly accents the ubiquitous electronic rock you’re about to consume. This is a cult and I’m now on the bandwagon.

If you look at some of the song titles: Tadpoles in a Pond, Wormhole, Red Pill, and Andromeda…you would certainly think you’ve picked up a bootleg Radiohead mix-tape. I can’t help but think any other way about it. The vocal prowess is even there!  

Lead singer Charles Preston certainly has the tortured troubadour to a T (well, a modern electronica troubadour-ic version?). Their new song “Hologram” opens lovingly with, “Do you get the feeling you’re all alone? Left to obsess over the unknown!?” While “Go With the Flow,” a song Preston described (live at the Church of All Nations) dryly as “a song about going with the flow,” chants, “if I could truly be myself, I’d never make it through. Sometimes I feel like I’m an alien. It’s no wonder you’re a scrooge, with that kind of attitude.”

That, actually, is a “flow” I can relate to as a maudlin mope myself. I believe that was a FB status I used at some point last week.

I actually believe “Go With the Flow” is the best song I’ve heard in a long time. It has a stifling clapping percussion that gives its transitions emphatic hype. And of course, any Zerfas classic has to build into a rage-a-holic meltdown/breakdown/build back up. Do I hear cowbell? Yes. Yes, I do. Winding guitar work? Check. This tune has all the elements of greatness.  

Recently, I was able to catch the band live at a church in the UWS. It was picturesque inside, pleated with shadows and serenaded in candle lit romance. It was the perfect scenario to take in electronic rock excellence. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to TOTALLY invest myself in the show, as I was obsessed with the ending to the 7th Game of the Celtics-Heat series and bitter that so many things in life happen all-at-one-time. I found the band impressive nonetheless and knew I needed to know more. I took the deliciousness home in a Ziplock bag (the Ziplock bag of my mind!?) and opened the music up—taking in a big whiff the next chance I had.

So, I have tied much of this writing together in retrospect of the live show and curiosity from the EP I was handed at the show. Next time I’ll be more prepared. And so should you.

They put on a rockin’ show with serious music in ways just about anyone can relate to. There’s no way you’ll convince anyone in the Tryptics should have any other job than making Tryptics music. No way, no how…LIGHT UP THE STAGE!  

Go to the website and let's take these guys to the next level!

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