Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mute Math Odd Soul Introduction Tour

(Thanks to this awesome fan for posting this video of the show on Youtube. It gives you a good idea of what you missed.)

Mute Math
Odd Soul Introduction Tour
Mercury Lounge 8.25.11

Whoever came up with the bright idea to slate Mute Math as the early show at Mercury Lounge is now on my shitlist!?

I’m PISSED! What a tease man? Mercury Lounge just didn’t get Mute Math enough time to do their thing.

I came to this show expecting a special event; there were only two of these shows when I bought my tickets.

I’m not blaming any of this on the band. It’s just how it shook out and quite clearly someone didn’t do their research. Granted, any good promoter or manager should and probably realized what’s going on here. Perhaps this tour is simply…an introduction to the new album titled Odd Soul, due for rapid release in early October.

I am just always a fan of a HUGE set (the most bang for the buck) and getting as much concert as I can. I did pay a meager price to see one of the best live bands in a miniscule venue.

All anger aside, I believe this was an amazing opportunity, a tantalizing treat delicious enough to make any music aficionado salivate. Everyone needs to see a drummer like Darren King in a venue like Mercury Lounge, a venue about the size of an incredibly small room in a basement—it just has that musky feel. I was standing against the right wall all the way back, which is about seven rows at Merc Lounge, yet I felt like I was inside Darren King’s drumset (he sets up his drumset all the way right). I felt like he was hitting ME with the sticks, although that could have been the $4 dollar Pabst’s I was guzzling with reckless abandon. Trust me…it was a good night.

Strip Mute Math of a big “hit-filled’ setlist, their state of the art light show, sufficient time to jam the songs out (my favorite part of a Mute Math show) and sufficient space for singer Paul Meany to complete his trademark flip over the piano, one would have to wonder can they still “bring it?”

The answer is of course yes, with the caveat being my anger over my self created ridiculous expectations.

The Merc Lounge stage doesn’t allow much of a secret entrance. The bands usually have to get from the back of the room to the front through the audience they are about to entertain. That’s always provides me enjoyment in itself. In true New Orleans fashion, the guys came in like a marching band playing tambourines, drums and anything they could walk with all the way to the stage. It’s pretty much the most festive intro one can have at this particular venue.

They played the new material. It’s good. Very different from your standard Mute Math Police-like pop songs. Everything is pretty raw and downright drenched in Southern Blues. When the album comes out it should come with wetnaps and an extra side of BBQ sauce. There will probably be many haters accusing the band of “jumping the shark” and hipsters will chastise the songs as Black Keys ripoffs.

Imagine that?

Let the haters hate. This album is going to be damn good, a true venture for a band that refuses to settle for rerecording only their strengths. This onset of raw blues really lends itself to the thundering drums of Darren King. There doesn’t seem to be as much electronics in the new songs, however, the recordings are raw, yet remarkable intricate in the way they bring all that New Orleans blues into the studio headphones.

It’s quite clear to me Odd Soul will be an impressive timepiece album that solidifies the location and longevity of a band I just can’t get enough of. I did miss the sing-a-long vocal style Meany has in the first two albums that makes me actually WANT to sing along (rare for those that know me), but I have a deep appreciation for what they’ve done here.

Definitely pick up the album when it comes out, and I would imagine every other city will give ‘em space to operate. NYC, man…can’t live with it…can’t live without it.

Heads Up
Odd Soul
One More
In No Time
Blood Pressure
You Are Mine
Break the Same/Quarentine (ran out of time…merged the two quickly)

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