Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rank: Songs on Foo Fighters Wasting Light

In the six pages of madness I forgot this part of my review. Easy to do.

I love superlatives. I love lists. I love the numbers of organizing things in order. As a kid, when I would play with my matchbox cars, I would first rank them from worst to first and put them in a line. I would play with the ones I liked least first and look forward to the time when I would be able to play with my favorites in ascending order. Oh, metallic red cop car my grandmother gave me...where are you?

Fun shit.

Here is my ranking of the songs on the Foo Fighters new album:
  1. Bridge Burning
  2. A Matter of Time
  3. Arlandria
  4. Walk
  5. White Limo
  6. Rope
  7. I Should Have Known
  8. Dear Rosemary
  9. These Days
  10. Miss the Misery
  11. Back & Forth

Those that are into this feel free to chime in with yours. If even five or so people do it, I'll make an aggregate ranking and post it in this here blog.

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